Health & Safety

The health, safety and well-being of staff, customers and others is important to us. We aim to provide the safest and healthiest working conditions possible whilst recognising we all have a duty of care. We will provide safe systems of work, a safe working environment, and a high standard of welfare facilities. All works are carried out under a Risk Assessment and Method Statement.

Quality - ISO9001

Here at Bite Back we take quality seriously, and have robust procedures in place for purchasing, analysis and development, training, and planning. Though not required to be accredited, our internal policies are rigorous, based on the aspects of ISO9001 relevant to our work.

Our quality records are openly available for inspection and audit by appointment, though we charge an administration fee for this.


Protection of the environment is important to us, and we take every effort to reduce waste, and ensure it is handled appropriately. We recycle, and also strive to use recycled materials where possible. Materials and equipment are sourced from responsible companies.


Our prices are a fair reflection of the resources required to design and install these types of systems.

Unfortunately we do not offer credit terms. In exceptional circumstances a 14 day credit term will be offered, in which case the price will be increased by 50%, and a deposit of 50% will be required.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Every staff member is part of the team without exception, and are treated with the respect and dignity every employer should strive to emulate. Equality and open-mindedness are key.

All communications with Bite Back will be conducted in a professional and fair manner. We will not be involved in any corrupt, illegal or unfair practices within any part of our business. This does not mean we won’t accept a bottle at Christmas as a thank you for excellent work. Any gifts will be fairly shared with everyone on the team.


We avoid management-speak like intruders avoid our security systems. We are straight-talking, fair-minded and concentrate on the job in hand.

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