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Fog Cannon

Is the fog safe to breathe?

Yes. Our Fog Cannons are certified according to European standards EN 50131-8. The fog fluid is tested and is absolutely safe. It does not leave any residue after dispersal. There is absolutely no detrimental short or long term dangers or residue for objects, animals or people.

How is it controlled?

The great advantage of our fogging systems is the ability to connect them to any alarm system. However our stand-alone controller can be utilised to ensure false alarms are not an option. Manual triggers can be installed e.g. in a shop, restaurant, fuel station, bank, turf accountant or pub.

With a stand-alone controller the system can be controlled via an "App" on a smart phone and/or key fobs. It can be set to send you a text message when it has been triggered.

Where can you use a Fog cannon?

Fog cannons are suitable for residential and commercial protection. Decide where your assets are, then protect them. The Fog cannon is suitable for your home and outbuildings, retail shops, offices, workshops, stores etc. The Fog cannon can be installed anywhere that is enclosed.

How much are they?

Each system is different so please contact us for a quote. Systems start from £800

Can the Fog cannon be installed together with the High volume alarm?

Yes they can be installed together. The same controller operates both systems. (We call this the "Verminator System"). Your stuff is the safest it can be.

Can I buy a Fog Cannon and install it myself?

Yes. You will need a trained alarm installer to commission and test.

High Volume Alarms - Horns

Are they legal?

Yes, Bite Back products are calibrated to operate within the accepted sound levels for UK intruder alarm systems.

How do they work?

The sound is generated pneumatically and a choice of triggers are available. These can be mechanical triggers which require no electrical power or they can be operated with an electric solenoid valve connected to PIR / Microwave / Vibration sensors etc.

Will they be visible?

Only if you want them to be visible. Cabinet enclosures are available to suit the installation.

Can they be installed in a residential property?

They are not really suitable for residential use, especially if there are children or pets in the premises. However they are suitable for garages / workshops with restricted access from the main household.

Can they be installed outside?


Can I buy High volume horns without installation?

Please contact us and let us know your intended use.

Security Chains

What is the most suitable chain for portable plant and equipment?

We recommend the VKK14x52 along with a ground anchor and suitable padlock.

Here is a list of chains and examples of what they can be used for:-


The smallest and lightest chain we supply, but still very tough. Best used as a portable chain for pedal cycles, motorcycles etc. This chain can also be used for permanent protection where budget is a consideration.


The mid-range chain. A better option for motorcycles on the move or in a garage. Water craft, industrial equipment, vehicles etc.


Heavy plant and equipment. This is the largest in the current range and provides maximum levels of resistance against bolt cropping, hacksawing and freezing. The increased diameter of the material also makes the chain more difficult and time consuming to cut with an angle grinder.

Please note:- An angle grinder will eventually get through these chains. However the correct installation of the chain can make it very awkward and dangerous for anyone trying to operate an angle grinder. From HSE - The risk of breakage is inherent in every abrasive wheel.

If the number of breakages is to be kept low, the initial care exercised in the design, manufacture and testing by abrasive wheel and machine makers must be coupled with the adoption of safety measures by the users. Accident statistics indicate that nearly half of all accidents involving abrasive wheels are due to an unsafe system of work or operator error.


Are the padlocks suitable for outdoor use?


Are they resistant to bolt croppers?


What chain can I use with the padlocks?

See below:-

ABUS 83WP/63 - CEN Grade 4 VKK10x35
ABUS Granit 37RK/70 - CEN Grade 5 VKK10x35 & VKK12x45
ABUS 83CS/80 - CEN Grade 6 VKK12x45 & VKK14x52

Can you supply padlocks with the same key to open them all?

Yes if they are the same model and ordered together. Keyed alike options are available for all padlocks.

Ground Anchors

Can I just but a ground anchor and fit it myself?

Yes. Installation instructions come with every anchor. If you want to install the Abus WBA100 you will need a 16mm concrete drill amongst other tools.

Can they be installed anywhere?

Yes. Some ground anchors are suitable to drive over, some will fit onto a wall and others can be flush to floor.

Can they be removed if I move house / premises?

They can be removed, but with considerable effort and specialist tools. We do not recommend installing ground anchors if you rent a property unless you have permission from your landlord.

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