Bite Back products disturb the intruder’s physiology. We scare them with a 127db sound that leaves them no option but leave the protected area. Everyone knows the irritation of an alarm droning nearby. Our alarms attract attention up to 2.6 miles away and will not be ignored. The sound waves are generated mechanically, and although invisible, can actually be felt physically which causes distress.

Bite Back products are calibrated to operate within the accepted sound levels for UK intruder alarm systems, though frequent and prolonged exposure to 127db will cause hearing damage.

We also offer the supply and installation of Fogging systems, ground anchors, supply of security chain to Rockwell surface hardness 63 RHC, and padlocks to CEN Grade 5 & 6, as used by NATO & MOD. These products make it very difficult to remove anything they are attached to.

The systems which we design and install cause considerable discomfort for intruders, and significantly reduce their window of opportunity.

Our products can be installed as ‘stand-alone systems’, or integrated within existing alarm systems. All systems have operating instructions, calibration and test certificates.

If you want to better protect your assets, use Bite Back Asset Protection Ltd.

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