Motorbike, Plant Machinery, Generator

Bite Back exists to protect your assets.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Tick High volume alarms
Tick Ground anchors
Tick Security chain and padlocks
Tick Fogging systems

Better protection for industrial plant and equipment, motorcycles, cars, boats, caravans, workshops, offices, stores, garages and much more.

Conventional security systems are often not a deterrent to determined thieves. They alert the intruder, who will know what the response time is, leaving you to review the CCTV footage after the event (if you have something left to view it on).

That’s not good enough.

Bite Back products cause disturbance and distress to intruders, forcing them to abandon their tasks.

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WARNING! This video contains very loud airhorn noises.
If you don’t want to hurt your ears, KEEP YOUR SOUND LOW!

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